Gold Shimmer is an independent LA based electro-soul band.  It is a surrealist collaboration led by songwriter Jeff Venter on vocals alongside Artyone Turner on synth and Mitchell Manburg on lead guitar.  Influenced by The Doors, the Gorillaz, and Earth, Wind, and Fire they can  groove, get weird, and vibe out.  Driven by a curiosity of music's limitations, nontraditional narrative, and theatrics the trio aims to take their audience for a ride through another time and dimension.

The group began playing together in Spring 2017 as part a different band. After some time collaborating and performing together, Venter, Manburg, and Turner had a greater vision and reformed as "Gold Shimmer" the following year.

"We created a full back story with personas for ourselves. We thought long and hard about who we wanted to be on stage and put clear intention into every show, every song, every note. We wanted our art to extend beyond music," remarks Manburg (of the reformation).

Their debut EP, "The Temple of Solace Pt. 1", took launch in September of that year and the band found themselves playing notable LA venues such as The Satellite, The Peppermint Club, Silverlake Lounge, Federal Bar, upon many others. Currently, the band is busy performing regionally and gearing up to release their next single and video, "Night Heat", in June 2019 with tour dates to follow!